First we get your vision on paper

Getting your vision on paper
  • With an Initial meeting to discuss options and pricing.
  • We follow this up with a 2nd meeting to show a prelim design.
  • Once we agree to a  prelim design a preliminary budget is put together. 
  • Budget and design approved, we sign a contract and finalize plans.


We start building
  • Apply for permits and send out for tendering to suppliers/sub-trades
  • On-going budget review with clients as quotes come in and after they made upgrades/selections with our suppliers/trades.


Client meetings
  • There are 5 set meetings, once framing is complete, electrical walk-through, drywall walk-through, pre-occupancy, possession walk-through. 
  • We arrange other meetings with clients if they want to have a look at the progresses in between the scheduled meetings.
  • At the scheduled meetings if there are changes our client would like to make, they are discussed to determine if they are feasible and are still able to be done based on point of construction.


Before hand over
  • At the pre-occupancy we go through each room and the exterior of the house with the client in detail to ensure there is nothing missing (ie. towel bars) or defective.
  • Between the pre-occupancy and possession, any defective or missing items are corrected.

Move in and warranty
  • At our hand over of the keys you your new hose, the walk through the house and review our list of missing or defective items to show our client they are completed.  During the hand over if there are any other items or concerns they go to the warranty department for corrective action.
  • Our Warranty is one year and items are corrected as they come up.
  • A week before the one year warranty is up we do a final walk-through with the our client.  If we fine any issue that is covered under warranty they are noted and corrected.