About Us

Home building is our first passion, but being organized and management processes, runs a close second. We use an ensemble management style as we find this the best method for bringing together a tightly knit group of people who focus on delighting customers. We acquire a large amount of knowledge by working as a family unit to bring together new ideas and techniques and the 35+ years experience to create our clients dreams.

Heather Foster and Ryan Foster

The Core People

Founder Heather Foster
I combine my passion for design and knowledge of the construction processes to create unique, one-of-a-kind designs that our clients can call Home
  • Gold Seal certified in Construction Management
  • Certified Moisture Smart - learning techniques and methods to ensure water-tight homes
  • Passion for making homes functional and cost effective with limited wasted space to ensure clients are getting the best value and use out of their home as well as incorporating colors into the design to ensure proper flow and continuity
  • Passionate and fascinated with sustainability of the home to ensure it can be enjoyed for years to come by future generations
  • Eager to learn and expand on new and upcoming techniques and materials to always ensure the best possible product for our clients
  • N.A.I.T - Construction Engineering Technology (2yrs)


Founder Ryan Foster
Believes that our hands on approach provides our clients with that personal touch and allows us to exhibit professional integrity in each individual home.
  • Both residential and commercial experience (labour up to supervisior)
  • ACSA safety courses related to safe construction sites
  • Fascinated with seeing projects through from bare land to a place our clients can call home and take pride in owning and enjoying
  • Passionate for showing pride in workmanship through using quality building materials and techniques
  • Working with other building professionals to continually expand on new techniques, practices and products
  • N.A.I.T - Construction Engineering Technology (2yrs)


Advisor Darcy Foster
Is our principal mentor and advisor throughout our business to help guide and expand our knowledge.
  • He has over 30 yrs experience in the residential and commercial sectors
  • Involved in client meetings/walk throughs
  • Takes an outside the project view to analyze draft designs for livability, building maintenance and sustainability

Selecting suppliers
  • Through reference from other well respected professionals in the industry
  • Through inspection of their workmanship and work ethic and professionalism, quality
  • Through review of their rates/costs